A Quantum Leap in
global technical support

Top professionals in device maintenance take full care of medical devices here without traveling around the world.


mixedreality4medicaldevice: Find it. Check it. Fix it.

Medical devices are not only becoming more and more technically complex: Compliance requirements also require more and more precise documentation and the performance of qualified top executives to the point. Why are these people still traveling around so much? Why are so many devices traveling around?

In more than 80% of all cases, it is a question of rather insignificant mistakes or routine work that can also be carried out by other specialists. The highlight: if top specialists are involved, they can monitor the work, provide information or, in individual cases, decide to inspect the device themselves. Here, our engineering is getting ready to use three-dimensional mapping to connect headquarters and on-site workers for a more efficient way of working in technical support of medical equipment.

Dentists and their assistants worldwide can be supported faster and better with this technology for the use of medical devices.

Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner


or how our tool boosts your global efficiency


Compare the original with technical drawings that are projected directly into your glasses as a hologram.


Enable real-time communication between the technician or customer on site and your own top people at headquarters.


Modify, repair or replace equipment at the hands of local people. Fully documented under guidance.


Improve your own knowledge, that of your customers and partners, to be a lasting leader in your segment.